Programme 2021

The ninth India Week Hamburg will take place from 8th to 14th of November 2021. Visitors can expect a journey through Hamburg-Indian relations, characterised by events on topics relating to politics, society, science, economy, culture and sports. As in 2019, visitors can look forward to a wide range of India events as diverse and colourful as the country itself!

Programme 2021

Those who are eager for knowledge can take part in one of the numerous panel discussions on contemporary political and social issues and discuss with experts. Business people have excellent networking opportunities. Culture enthusiasts can embark on a journey through the comprehensive cultural programme and experience dance, art, theatre and lectures. India Week Hamburg is also worth a visit for those who love sports: Besides dance workshops and yoga, football and hockey fans also get their money's worth. If you are exhausted by all the discoveries, Indian delicacies and refreshments await you!

There is something for everyone, regardless of age, background and level of knowledge! We look forward to an eventful week in which our Hanseatic City will once again present itself in the colours of this impressive country!

Information und FAQs

What is India Week Hamburg?

India Week Hamburg is an event week with 60 to 80 events on topics relating to politics, society, science, business, culture and sports. It takes place over a period of approximately one week at various locations throughout Hamburg. It is organised under the lead of the Senate Chancellery. Its partner also involve the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the OAV German Asia-Pacific Business Association, der, Hamburg Invest, the Hamburg Representation Mumbai, the German-Indian Round Table, the Ministry of Culture and Media and the Consulate General of the Republic of India in Hamburg. The aim of India Week Hamburg is to present and intensify the economic, political, scientific and cultural relations between the Hanseatic City and India. Most events are offered free of charge.

When will the next India Week Hamburg take place?

India Week Hamburg 2021 will take place from 8th to 14th of November 2021. Some events take place before and after the week of events.

How is the realisation of the IWH planned in times of Corona?

The events are currently in the planning phase. While efforts are made to organise as many events as possible in analogue format, hybrid and digital formats are also being considered. We will respond as flexibly as possible to external circumstances. In any case, it is certain that India Week Hamburg will take place in 2021.

For Hosts

Why should I take part?

India Week Hamburg offers all those who are active in the fields of India, such as companies, associations, institutions, groups and individuals, a platform to present their work. While the hosts take care of the logistical and content preparation and implementation of their events, the organisers of India Week Hamburg set the organisational framework for the entire week. This includes especially press and publicity. In addition to their own event, hosts can take advantage of numerous networking opportunities, get to know new India activists or intensify connections.

Who can participate as a host?

All Hamburg-based actors who bear reference to India, such as companies, institutions, clubs, organisations, groups or individuals are invited to participate. India Week Hamburg is a non-commercial event week, i.e. many events are free for participants or the entrance fees cover the costs for organising the event.

How can I participate as a host?

If you are interested in taking part in India Week Hamburg as a host, please contact the coordination office in the Senate Chancellery with a structured idea:

Will I receive an allowance?

Hosts are responsible for the content, financial and logistical planning and implementation of their events. There is no expense allowance. It is possible to receive financial support. For this purpose, please contact the coordination office in the Senate Chancellery:

What types of events are possible?

The aim of India Week Hamburg is to present as many event formats as possible from many different areas. These include dance and theatre events, cinema evenings, cooking events, exhibitions, conferences and panel discussions, tournaments, family celebrations, and so on.

What costs do I have to pay as a host?

Hosts bear the costs of planning and implementing their event. This usually includes rent for premises, personnel expenses, fees, possibly catering, own advertising costs and other fees. There is the possibility of financial support. For this purpose, please contact the coordination office in the Senate Chancellery:

Do I have to look after the premises/equipment for my event(s) myself, or will I be supported in this?

Hosts are responsible for the content and logistical planning and implementation of their events themselves. The organisers of India Week are happy to support Hamburg in this process. They can connect organisers with each other and thus form cooperations or make recommendations regarding the coordination of events.

Which target groups should be addressed?

India Week Hamburg sees itself as highly inclusive. The diversity of the programme appeals to visitors of all groups regardless of age, social and cultural background and level of knowledge.

Which requirements should an event fulfil?

An event should be as self-sustaining as possible, i.e. it should be possible to plan and implement it financially and organisationally. Commercial events are not allowed. Regarding the content, a connection of Hamburg to India should be visible.

For Visitors

Where can I see the programme of India Week Hamburg 2021?

The programme of India Week Hamburg 2021 will be available online approximately two months before the event week. The programme of 2019 serves as an orientation.

What are the participation costs for visitors?

Many of the events are free of charge. Entrance fees and participation fees are determined by the hosts themselves and are charged individually for each event.

Do visitors have to register?

Registration is required for about half of the events. More detailed information can be found in advance in the programme of India Week Hamburg 2021.

Can anyone participate in the events of the IWH?

Anyone can take part in the events. Sometimes they are held in English. You will find a corresponding note at the events themselves. If you would like to know whether an event is barrier-free, please contact the hosts or the coordination office in the Senate Chancellery.

For Sponsors

Is it possible to support the IWH with sponsoring?

India Week Hamburg is always happy to cooperate with sponsors who want to support the event format in monetary or non-monetary ways. You can find more information in our sponsoring flyer.